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Another day... [Oct. 1st, 2004|05:54 pm]
[mood |workingbusy busy..]

I havent updated this in a while as I have been busy..There`s a lot of shit going on around here.Pets Avon is going very well shes in the top 10 for this campaign, and shes going to get her pin as she has sold over 500$ in her first 3 sales..Which is very good! her and her friend Stefanie *this is the girl who signed her up*are going out for coffee next week, so that they can talk about something other then business....
pet and I have been trying to find a place that will do her business cards...
Next Wednesday W/we are going to the Portland Munch, pet knows a girl there that she met online they have met a few times, we all went to chuck e cheese We all talked and the "KIDS" played the games anyway....We are going to meet her next week so pets very excited!
pets kitty is getting bigger, shes a pain in the ass though LOL shes so hyper, so pet and her get along VERY well....I`m very proud of how well shes been taking care of her..I never have to remind her to do anything for her..
she called her Zoey at first but then started calling her "her baby" lol its very cute..so anyway the cat now answers to BABY..so when I say Baby they both look at me...LOL...
Anyway time to run...

[User Picture]From: daddys_kitten
2004-10-01 08:53 pm (UTC)


Hewwo Daddy!! its me your pwincess!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
otay me just wanted to say HI and me wuvs you wots!!!
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