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a new update.. [Nov. 4th, 2004|08:12 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

Well I haven`t been able to update lately, there`s been a lot of stuff happening around here..First off I was talking to My pet about trying something new that I have been thinking about, and that is her being My little baby, I dont know how it will work out as she can be stubborn..But what I say goes so HA pet..lol..anyway I want her to try it I think that she would get used to it after a while..Well we will see..

Anyway I think she will look so cute sitting on a blankie in My living room playing in her new strawberry shortcake skirt...The other day when I came home from work I had brought her a carpet covered cat post, its the same height as she is..lol..she was so happy, and the cat loves it..

I sent her shopping for groceries today all by herself, she was excited but wanted me to go to, I think she only wanted me to go so that I would buy her cookies...she always asks for them...But I told her dont come home with anything but what was on the list I wrote, or she would be in big trouble..So she didn`t because she`s My good little pet.. And of course I told her how proud of her I was..