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6 November 1958
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her mind, body and soul are mine..

I hate to do this..BUT..

I am into ageplay/BDSM with my pet also known as "my little girl" she plays 5, her name on here is Daddys_kitten...
As you probably already guessed I play her "Daddy"..
We usually play these roles as much as we can, we play in the public, her calling me Daddy and what not..Her calling me this doesn`t bother me or her....But as you already know there is a time and place for everything, there are some places that we can not play these roles which makes my baby sad..
But we do try to play as mcuh as possible, as we both enjoy it.I like to dress her up like a child *A 5 YEAR OLD AS ITS HER ROLE* like little skirts and her socks with bows on them, bows in he hair etc.. then we go out...She carrys her blankie everywhere that I bought her, she sucks her thumb..Its so cute..She also HAS to get a my little pony whenever we go to the toy store lol..she tells me that, so I think she has about 21 now..But dont misunderstand I do say NO to her...If she always got what she wanted I think she would have hundreds of ponies..LOL being a Daddy doesn`t always mean treats and spoiling her, it also means to teach her right and wrong..
Mold her,punish her when she does wrong..etc.

When we first met we where always in the roll Master/slave,that is who we are and that is always who we will be, but doing something different every once and a while is fun as well(ie: ageplay)..I have collared her, as you can read in her journal.She is my 24/7, full time slave.She is also my pet.
We try to go to the munchs around here as much as we can, so that I can get her to meet more people that have the same interests as her and things like that.. You will find some stories and stuff in here, some real some not..most real:-)
alright I think I have said enough for one night..thats all for now...I must go..