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another day..... [Aug. 31st, 2004|08:52 pm]
Nothing too new right now, I think that my pet and I are going out for dinner on Friday as it`s her birthday..For her birthday I`m going to get a birthday candle thats a 5..Next week we may go to the Vancouver munch, but I`m not sure yet..A lot of shit has gone on so I kinda don`t know whats going on yet...Theres some shit going on with some people that rent from me and all that crap..
I let pet get a kitten for her birthday shes been asking for one forever now, so she was happy..i`m very proud of her because she`s been taking very good care of her kitty..I wasn`t sure if she would or not, I mean she is 5...she was a bit sad today because it was her Aunts funeral tonight and she couldn`t be there..I think thats all for now..
I`ll update again tomorrow..If I have time..